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. >> john: what does my crystal ball say about things like marijuana. >> what will happen to energy policy? >> this is horrible. >> dependence on foreign energy sources. >> who will obama appoint to the court. it will grow bigger? i'm told we are going over the cliff but that cliff is nothing compared to the real threat. what will we see in four more years? that is our show tonight. >> >> john: i'm ready for the next four years because i have got my crystal ball. first pu7b diswill scream about the fiscal cliff. first pundits will scream about the fiscal cliff a series of tax increases going into affect january 1st unless they work out a deal. they will. i can see it. they will meet, press conferences and predict disaster then reach a deal. it will not solve much but then the media will move on. america will continue to go broke. if i too cynical? and no. worse than that says congressman ron paul. predict the future. >> the future looks good people know that what we have today is not workable but short-term the people will not admit we're bankrupt or on the verge of a major major change in
and mccain and the president. abc's terry moran called it an obama smackdown. "the washington post" john mccain's benghazi, and some say it's about mccain being bitter about losing to obama four years ago. >> i think five names and a conflagration, and number one petraeus and broadwell and number two, benghazi, benghazi, petraeus, broadwell, military ethics, mccain obama reduction, and fifth, the susan rice story, which life imitates art. if you go back and watch the movie advise and content shall the novel then turned movie, it was a south carolina senator opposing the president's nomination as secretary of state that is the whole dynamic of the movie and i'm it willing you, find it on youtube or net flicks because it really parallels, echo out. >> and if it's a media we'll turn it into a media review. the media had an opportunity to ask hard questions and didn't get any at the news conference, why not. >> the format is not controlled to follow-up. he picks the people he's going to call on. people can't respond and say, wait a minute, mr. president, we want a follow-up on this. this is
msnbc would suspend the guy for a while. the disability community would demand as john said, been in a wheelchair for 40 years. sort of an amazing story. >> he is not a victim. he is brilliant. he is revered. martin bashir is clown. the idea there has to be an apology. it's disgusting but martin says disgusting things almost every time i've seen him on tv. >> if msnbc has a problem with things that people say. >> jon: can you get away witnessed on msnbc? >> the way he treated hillary clinton and sarah palin, disgusting disgusting masogeny. >> a significant chunk can pound on republicans and use it. maybe that is not adequate in terms of making the system better. >> let's talk about smear. angry while males. sean penn, they don't get smeared. >> poor white men. >> then there is the cover of newsweek one of the final covers of a printed edition of nice week. g.o.p., too old, too white. but first, if you see something that shows evidence of media bias, tweet us fox news watch on twitter. karl rove becomes a liberal media target again. >> i'm raising the question of our responsibility
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)